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About The Author: David Long

Who Am I?

I'm a Screenwriter and I love it! I've lived quite a wild and exciting life which adds a unique flavor to my writing, that’s anything but dull. I think my dynamic and versatile writing style is positively influenced by the fact that I'm a left-handed, Scorpio, who's a little bit wacky!
I’m very confident writing in wide range of genres including Drama, Sci-Fi, Psychological Thriller, Action, and Comedy. There is a real art to Screenwriting and after a decade of reading the books, taking the classes, and rewriting I can now say "I've got it down solid!" I would like to develop a career as a Screenwriter with a working Agent.

Screenwriting & The Industry

I take screenwriting very seriously, as I do my approach to the industry. I don't want to be "unmarketable" or a "one hit wonder". I know that by industry standards it is considered premature to send out your first script without having a few backups when they ask "what else do you have?" This is why I have developed a portfolio of four scripts before introducing myself to the industry, until now (06/2013).
This is also why I have put time, money and effort into creating this website. I have also created pictorial images, one page pitches, and synopses for each of my scripts. I don't want to waste anyone's time... all I ask for is a fair read!

My Recommendations

If you're interested in a very low-budget and potentially highly profitable comedy, check out my Pizza Joint Synopsis (and its One Page Pitch).
If you're interested in reading one of the most dark, controversial and dynamic dramas ever, check out my Unfunctionable Family Synopsis (and its One Page Pitch).

Download My Scripts

You can request a paper copy of an entire script by contacting me through email or using my contact form.